The Foggy Fields
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File:Zoe portrait.gif vs File:LordWolvering portrait.gif vs File:BishopMatheusz portrait.gif

Victory by:

File:Victory Point icon.gif (5)


Sandbeken: You are standing between two fronts right now, one to the north and one to the west of Sandbeken. And as if this encounter were not enough, a ghost army is lurking inside the Misty Swamp.

Available Victory PointsEdit


  • Misty Swamp
    The quest costs increase depending on your Victory Points: Quest costs increased x20%.
    • Ghost Hunting
      The Ghosts don't believe that they can be defeated with ordinary weapons. They challenge you to attack them and prove them wrong, in which case they will stop their spooking and award you a Victory Point.
      Cost: 4 File:Pikeman icon.gif 3 File:Musketeer icon.gif 3 File:Cavalier icon.gif
      Outcome: Victory Point.
    • Velvety Memories
      The Ghosts are very nostalgic and want to remember the days when they could wear fine clothes. Send them Garments and they will show you their respect by attacking your most successful enemy.
      Cost: 56 File:Garment icon.gif
      Outcome: ???.
    • Eternal Peace
      Some of the Ghosts are sick and tired of haunting and want to make their peace with this world. Send some of your Clerics to help them and they will grant you Free Passage through this territory.
      Cost: 11 File:Novice icon.gif
      Outcome: Free Passage.

Quick TipsEdit