A Storm Over The Meadows
[[File:Campaign7 Map.jpg|200px]]
File:Zoe portrait.gif vs File:Rovyn portrait.gif

Victory by:

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Nienroth: Rovyn is about to move heaven and earth to free her brother, and rustic Nienroth is located vulnerably close to her town. Defending Nienroth and expanding towards the Observatory seems to be a good strategy to win.


Quick TipsEdit

  • Fortify Your Town As Fast as Possible To Prevent Early Attacks.
  • The neutral sector northeast of your starting area has a wooden tower built that is defending the zone. Ronyn will eventually attack this zone and lose some troops in the process. Once the tower has been destroyed and she is claiming the zone, you can lead your army inside and claim the sector for yourself. This approach will not only cripple her army down to 1 (or 0), but it will also provide you with a headstart on building up your own economy, as her army will not be large enough to conquer the other neutral zones around her starting area.