A Formidable Adversary
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File:Zoe portrait.gif vs File:Dracorian portrait.gif

Victory by:

Mission Board

Moorach: A very young city that has no army. Thus, the only way to shake off Dracorian's shadow is to ally with the Alchemist inside the Laboratory, located inside the dark crater.


  1. Conquer the Gold Mine Sector
  2. Displace Dracorian's troops
  3. Help the Alchemist!


  • Laboratory
    • Temporary Replacement
      The Alchemist can't bear Dracorian's threatening presence any longer. Send him some of your Novices to replace him in his Laboratory and continue his studies while he seeks refuge.
      Cost: 10 File:Novice icon.gif
    • Protection Money
      The Alchemist is scared stiff of Dracorian and his henchmen. Deliver a batch of Coins to the laboratory so the scientist can continue to pay his mercenary guards to protect him.
      Cost: 40 File:Coin icon.gif

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