100 Years of Peace
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File:Zoe portrait.gif vs File:LordWolvering portrait.gif vs File:BishopMatheusz portrait.gif

Victory by:

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Kronstedt: The capital of Tandria. You'll have to hold it and withstand every attack in order to become queen. Consider helping out the Archdeacon in the Cathedral; as one hand washes the other, he might support you.

Available Victory PointsEdit

  • Cathedral (Lockable)
    The construction of the Cathedral has been halted due to a lack of tools. Deliver tools to the Cathedral and gain a Victory Point!
  • Pilgrimage Site (Lockable)
    The abbot of the Pilgrimage Site has grown old and forgetful and needs a worthy successor. Send a delegation of clerics to take his place and you'll earn yourself this Victory Point in return.
  • Abbey (Lockable)
    Be the first to upgrade your Church to an Abbey to earn yourself this Victory Point. You'll have to unlock the corresponding Prestige Options.
  • Genius
  • Fountain of Knowledge
  • Emperor
  • Sun King
  • Banker
  • Field Marshal
  • Metropolis

Quick TipsEdit

  1. Try to upgrade your church to an abbey as soon as possible. This victory point is very important to win this map. Your rival (Bishop) will always aim to get this point so hurry. Alternatively, build lots of Novices early and research most of the tech tree (on hard, Bishop will only research the 2x Prestige and Fortification upgrade for the first 2 hours of gameplay if you [the player] have the other 5 starting techs).
  2. At the beginning you have a lot of quarries so try to expand the church yard for prestige. Once you get forest clearance, you will be able to access the tavern and start attacking the camp on your left to expand the area.
  3. Don't capture camp to your right or the AI will start attacking you. You might need stronghold when AI has reached your borderline
  4. Your clerics shine in this map. Use them to get victory points from technology trees, and for sending them to the pilgrimage site.
  5. It is possible to win this map on Hard with no trading, so you can afford to replace your usual sheep, linen, and coat yards with grain farms and taverns.